Minimal pppd Setup For GPRS Dongles

So you have a mobile broadband dongle and you want to use it on Linux, one option is to just plug it in and from Gnome 3 is just works and can be set-up instantly with NetworkManager.

My g's

What has Gnome 3 done to my g’s:

Hydra LVM

vimrc for nagios

I use nagios to monitor servers. It’s great. I just thought I would share a quick snippet that I just put in my vimrc. It sorts the servers listed in host_name lines so they are in alphabetical order.

Spotify Traffic Analysis

A colleague asked me how much bandwidth Spotify uses. I basically had no idea. I want to run Spotify on my mobile at some point it so it got me thinking.

Major Filesystem Corruption

On Sunday (03/10/2010) my laptop has a bad crash. The screen went blank, I could still see the cursor and move it around but could do nothing else. I could not even login on a virtual console, after I typed the user name it came straight back with a login prompt again.

ODBC 2 OpsCenter Access

This is a quick guide on how to configure an ODBC connection from windows to a Symantec OpsCenter Server. OpsCenter is a Symantec product that integrates various backup products including Netbackup to generate various reports and warnings about how the systems are performing.

ODBC 2 OpsCenter

OpsCenter is a Symantec product that makes reports for various backup products including Symantec NetBackup. I recently decided that I wanted to improve the reporting of our backups so looked into paying with OpsCenter.

SMS Notifications for Nagios

I use Nagios for monitoring. Up to recently I used a regular modem to send sms text messages to various people when systems are going wrong. The way this works is by using smsclient which dials up to a TAP server.

Weird Traceroute

I was looking at a development web site I am involved with and I was interested in where the site was in the big bad world, so I decided to traceroute to it[1].