Wireless and Copper Routing on Windows

Ever used a laptop with a wireless and a copper network interface? Practically every laptop have both, so chances are you have. Have you ever wondered what happens if you plug in with copper, turn wireless on and have both interfaces configured with an IP address.

Too Many Tabs

Too many tabs!

Rsync for Windows

Rsync is ace. It’s also available for Windows as part of the cygwin distro. Every time I need it I have to do a token cygwin install, install rsync, copy out the various rsync files and remote the cygwin install.

Last Logon

Recently I needed to find a way to search for accounts an an active directory that are enabled and have not logged on for a while. Fortunately there is a lastLogon attribute, unfortunately this is not replicated across the various domain controllers.

Loads of Temporary Internet Files

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