New Year's resolutions 2011

This year seems to have flown by so it’s resolutions time again. I’ve done quite well, I manged to stay relatively healthy and read loads of books but I failed completely to keep up to date with LWN.

New Year's resolutions 2010

Since Christmas I have been up to loads. I went skiing in March and I went to Cuba in June. I have done well with resolutions, I managed to stay super healthy for January and managed to mostly keep to it since.

New Year's resolutions 2010

It’s time for some new years resolutions! Hopefully if they are cast in stone (well blog) there is more of a chance of success. Stay super healthy for January: Keeping to my minimum weekly gym schedule, 3 morning swims, 2 morning spins, 2-3 afternoon spins, 2 afternoon yogas, 1-2 weekend weights and cv.