Raspberry Pi Temperature Monitor

Table of Contents Introduction Solution Method Introduction I recently needed to temperature monitor, log and alert on over temperatures. I had a look in my parts bin and I found a Raspberry PI a 1-Wire HBA, a 1-Wire temperature IC and a 3G dongle.

Raspberry Pi Tape Remote (RPTR)

Table of Contents Introduction A note on getting 1/4 tape The project Signaling and Connectors Control Cable GPIO Relay Quick and dirty software Proper software with yocto Zeus Update Cluster Build Notes Build on OpenStack Introduction I have known about reel to reel tape for sometime, my Dad has an old 1960’s player in the attic.

Rubus (Raspberry Pi Cluster)

Table of Contents Background Parts Cost Post Build Parts Construction Debian Image setup process Debootstrap Install Kernel Customize Install Final chroot commands Wipe SD card and rsync Update SD card with rsync Create SD card images Pre OpenStack installation setup Make myself at home Open vSwitch DNS DoS Add Swap OpenStack Install The Plan preseed-lib openstack-deploy osinstallrc copy files OpenStack Install Post OpenStack install rabbitmq not starting at boot Stop all the services Neutron forward packets to Internet Manual Horizon install amd64 nova compute Cleaning up to start again Bugs to be reported openstack-deploy qemu build deps Testing admin-openrc.

Raspberry Pi Router Benchmark

Introduction My ISP don’t provide IPv6 and the wireless router they give out does not work with IPv6 Tunnels. So I setup a Raspberry Pi as a router on a stick to route IPv6 on my home network to my IPv6 tunnel provider over IPv4.