Wireless and Copper Routing on Windows

Ever used a laptop with a wireless and a copper network interface? Practically every laptop have both, so chances are you have. Have you ever wondered what happens if you plug in with copper, turn wireless on and have both interfaces configured with an IP address.

Minimal pppd Setup For GPRS Dongles

So you have a mobile broadband dongle and you want to use it on Linux, one option is to just plug it in and from Gnome 3 is just works and can be set-up instantly with NetworkManager.

Spotify Traffic Analysis

A colleague asked me how much bandwidth Spotify uses. I basically had no idea. I want to run Spotify on my mobile at some point it so it got me thinking.

Weird Traceroute

I was looking at a development web site I am involved with and I was interested in where the site was in the big bad world, so I decided to traceroute to it[1].

ICMP Redirect

Today I found out where Linux exposes the extra routing information gathered from ICMP redirects. ip route show cache will show the entire cached routing table. It’s a bit hard to read so ip route show cache 1.

Dropped Traffic

Looking at a years worth of dropped packets. Plotting the time of day on the X-axis and TCP/UDP port number on the Y-axis.

Bonding Benchmarking

speed.dvi speed.pdf

Wonder Shaper