Major Filesystem Corruption

On Sunday (03/10/2010) my laptop has a bad crash. The screen went blank, I could still see the cursor and move it around but could do nothing else. I could not even login on a virtual console, after I typed the user name it came straight back with a login prompt again.

ODBC 2 OpsCenter Access

This is a quick guide on how to configure an ODBC connection from windows to a Symantec OpsCenter Server. OpsCenter is a Symantec product that integrates various backup products including Netbackup to generate various reports and warnings about how the systems are performing.

ODBC 2 OpsCenter

OpsCenter is a Symantec product that makes reports for various backup products including Symantec NetBackup. I recently decided that I wanted to improve the reporting of our backups so looked into paying with OpsCenter.

SMS Notifications for Nagios

I use Nagios for monitoring. Up to recently I used a regular modem to send sms text messages to various people when systems are going wrong. The way this works is by using smsclient which dials up to a TAP server.

Weird Traceroute

I was looking at a development web site I am involved with and I was interested in where the site was in the big bad world, so I decided to traceroute to it[1].

Spinning Phrases

I go to spinning quite a bit and have had I think six teachers over the last year since I started. I think every teacher has one phrase they use most, this not a bad thing, it’s just something I have noticed.

New Year's resolutions 2010

Since Christmas I have been up to loads. I went skiing in March and I went to Cuba in June. I have done well with resolutions, I managed to stay super healthy for January and managed to mostly keep to it since.

New Year's resolutions 2010

It’s time for some new years resolutions! Hopefully if they are cast in stone (well blog) there is more of a chance of success. Stay super healthy for January: Keeping to my minimum weekly gym schedule, 3 morning swims, 2 morning spins, 2-3 afternoon spins, 2 afternoon yogas, 1-2 weekend weights and cv.

Passed Intermediate Exam

I passed my amateur radio Intermediate exam, so now I can kick out 50W! My new call sign is 2E0TDS. My thanks goes to all at SADARS that helped with the practical day and two days of lectures and exams.

Dublin Trip

Last week I got back from a little holiday in Dublin. I went over for my cousins graduation. I had an amassing time, it was a very relaxed and slow paced get away from everything.