Working with large PCAPs

Recently I helped troubleshoot a networking issue with a 1Gbps link that was being fully saturated. In the end we configured a mirror port and dumped the traffic to analyse it.

Wireless and Copper Routing on Windows

Ever used a laptop with a wireless and a copper network interface? Practically every laptop have both, so chances are you have. Have you ever wondered what happens if you plug in with copper, turn wireless on and have both interfaces configured with an IP address.

3G HTML Abuse

While waiting to be connected to my new ISP I was forced to use a 3G dongle for my main Internet connection. Yikes you say! Well it’s not entirely crap, I get about 2M and ssh is mostly usable.

Minimal pppd Setup For GPRS Dongles

So you have a mobile broadband dongle and you want to use it on Linux, one option is to just plug it in and from Gnome 3 is just works and can be set-up instantly with NetworkManager.


TL;DNR - Buy Super Unleaded petrol! (or don’t) I usually buy my petrol from Tesco for my Celica, I mostly use their super unleaded 99 octane. I have tried both the normal and the super, I’ve not really noticed a massive difference, however the super feels better, but that could just be me imagining it.

Milk to Coffee Ratio

Whenever I buy coffee I usually get a small or a medium. Up to now I’ve always seemed to enjoy the small ones more. I’ve always assumed it was because a medium was too much of a good thing.

vimrc for nagios

I use nagios to monitor servers. It’s great. I just thought I would share a quick snippet that I just put in my vimrc. It sorts the servers listed in host_name lines so they are in alphabetical order.

Petrol Price

Petrol Prices are allays on the rise. I decided to do some analysis on some raw data comparing the price of Brend Crude Oil and the price of petrol. The details of the analysis is on my site.

Spotify Traffic Analysis

A colleague asked me how much bandwidth Spotify uses. I basically had no idea. I want to run Spotify on my mobile at some point it so it got me thinking.

New Year's resolutions 2011

This year seems to have flown by so it’s resolutions time again. I’ve done quite well, I manged to stay relatively healthy and read loads of books but I failed completely to keep up to date with LWN.