Credit Card Exchange Rates

I have a Barclaycard credit card and a Halifax credit card. I recently decided to experiment to try to find out how much it cost to use them abroad to withdraw cash from and ATM. I might be crasy, but I wanted to know! both cards have particular offers that means your don’t get charged as much as most cards do to withdraw cash. I did a cash withdrawl of €50 from an ATM on both cards on the same day. Anyway on with the results:

CardMoney WithdrawnCost on BillOverall RateHistorical rate from ex.comHistorical rate from issuerRate difference
Barclaycard (Visa)€50£42.37 (including £1.23 transaction fee)1.18011.21771.2225-0.0424
Halifax (Mastercard)€50£40.951.22101.21771.2251-0.0041

As I expected my Halifax was better!


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