Type of Film

There are only four types of film! For a while I (and possibly others) have been able to categorise all films into four different types. I can’t imagine coming up with such an idea. Perhaps I read it somewhere, or read it in relation stories and writing in general. However no one I have spoken to has heard of it and I’ve not been able to find out much out it. The classic example is the original Star Wars trilogy, A New Hope is “into and out of hole”, Empire is “into hole” and Jedi is “out of hole”.

into and out of hole

Nearly all films fit in this category. The film starts, everything is happy and then something something bad happens. Later on the people over come the issue and the film ends.

into hole

This the next most common category, these films can be quite depressing. The film starts, everything is generally fine and then it just gets worse for the people and the film ends. A very good example of this is Requiem for a Dream.

out of hole

These are even rarer than the above. Everything starts out bad and when the film ends everything is fine.

no hole or hole

The last type completes the pattern and arguably is two types combined. However I don’t think this matters as this type is extremely rare. In essence nothing bad or good happens which will mean the film is probably rubbish.

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