Open PGP

I have migrated to a new Open PGP key please read my transition statement.

Old Key:

pub   1024D/68A70C48 2003-02-11 [expires: 2014-03-19]
      Key fingerprint = DCCD 7DCB A74A 3E3B 60D5  DF4C FC1D 1ECA 68A7 0C48
uid       [ultimate] Thomas Stewart <>

New Key:

pub   4096R/CD617CF2 2013-03-18 [expires: 2016-03-18]
      Key fingerprint = 217D 695D ACE2 AE40 F9FE  B0C0 85C8 5556 CD61 7CF2
uid       [ultimate] Thomas Stewart <>

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