New Year's resolutions 2010

It’s time for some new years resolutions! Hopefully if they are cast in stone (well blog) there is more of a chance of success.

  • Stay super healthy for January:
    • Keeping to my minimum weekly gym schedule, 3 morning swims, 2 morning spins, 2-3 afternoon spins, 2 afternoon yogas, 1-2 weekend weights and cv.
    • No snacks during the day.
    • No cake or chocolate.
    • Herbal tea during the day with no milk.
    • No burgers, chips or beer.
    • No getting drink.
    • Drinking loads of water.
  • Read more books, not reference books, what I call story books. I think a realistic goal is one chapter a week. I have started with Terry Pratchett’s “Guards! Guards!”, feel free to recommend books.
  • Start reading LWN again.

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