Last Logon

Recently I needed to find a way to search for accounts an an active directory that are enabled and have not logged on for a while. Fortunately there is a lastLogon attribute, unfortunately this is not replicated across the various domain controllers. Lord only knows why, but lastLogon is the number of 100 nano second intervals since 1601, fortunately this is documented.

To accomplish this I write a python script todo all this searching and just in case this is useful for anyone else, I have made the lastlogon script available. It will need editing before it works mind.

Time passes, 9 months in fact and a similar audit is scheduled. Of course I completely forgot that I had written the above, so I set about to write a script to do the above. It turned out as I was less rushed I ended up doing it more efficiently. I now make one ldap bind to each dc in turn, where as before I made one ldap bind to each dc for each user! Plus the new version I slightly easier to read. I present the improved enabled.and.not.loggedon script for all!

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