3G HTML Abuse

While waiting to be connected to my new ISP I was forced to use a 3G dongle for my main Internet connection. Yikes you say! Well it’s not entirely crap, I get about 2M and ssh is mostly usable. It’s like having a cable modem in 2000. As a side note giffgaff make this sort of thing really quite easy (and cheap). Anyway while browsing I noticed the usual crap low res images that appear when surfing on mobile phones, so I decided to do some investigation into what was going on. It turns out to just be fairly straight forward, all web traffic is just transparently proxied. So all that happens is a simple JavaScript injection.

Say there is a simple website with the following HTML:

<body><img src="0239-mod.png" /></body>

When I load that file I actually get the following:

<html><script src="" language="javascript"></script>
<head><title>Test</title></head> <body><img src="0239-mod.png" /></body> </html><script language="javascript">

Yikes was my first reaction, bmi.js was nice an un-readable, however if you reformat it a bit it’s mostly readable, it’s on pastebin if your interested. As an aside is actually a bogon network! Whois says “Address blocks listed with this contact are withheld from general use and are only routed briefly for passive testing.” Well at least that are not using genuine allocated addresses. I’d be more worried of the mess it left the HTML in!

After a bit of googeling, it turns out it’s being going on for a while, bmi is some bytemobile product. As ever a stackoverflow was most useful. It seems some operators allow you to turn it off.

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