Book List

Books I’ve read: 2021 (8) Holy Sister - Mark Lawrence Grey Sister - Mark Lawrence Red Sister - Mark Lawrence The Amber Spyglass: His Dark Materials - Philip Pullma The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials 2 - Philip Pullman Head Over Heel: Seduced by Southern Italy - Chris Harrison The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch Red Seas Under Red Skies - Scott Lynch 2020 (4)


IMDB Age is a Greasemonkey script that I wrote. This script adds the age and other various info onto IMDB pages. This script adds the age and other various info onto IMDB pages.

Raspberry Pi Temperature Monitor

Table of Contents Introduction Solution Method Introduction I recently needed to temperature monitor, log and alert on over temperatures. I had a look in my parts bin and I found a Raspberry PI a 1-Wire HBA, a 1-Wire temperature IC and a 3G dongle.

Raspberry Pi Tape Remote (RPTR)

Table of Contents Introduction A note on getting 1/4 tape The project Signaling and Connectors Control Cable GPIO Relay Quick and dirty software Proper software with yocto Zeus Update Cluster Build Notes Build on OpenStack Introduction I have known about reel to reel tape for sometime, my Dad has an old 1960’s player in the attic.

Rubus (Raspberry Pi Cluster)

Table of Contents Background Parts Cost Post Build Parts Construction Debian Image setup process Debootstrap Install Kernel Customize Install Final chroot commands Wipe SD card and rsync Update SD card with rsync Create SD card images Pre OpenStack installation setup Make myself at home Open vSwitch DNS DoS Add Swap OpenStack Install The Plan preseed-lib openstack-deploy osinstallrc copy files OpenStack Install Post OpenStack install rabbitmq not starting at boot Stop all the services Neutron forward packets to Internet Manual Horizon install amd64 nova compute Cleaning up to start again Bugs to be reported openstack-deploy qemu build deps Testing admin-openrc.

Openstack proof of concept

Table of Contents Introduction Preparation Networking Diagram Networking Setup Undercloud Create undercloud01 virtual machine and install CentOS 7.0 Create overcloud01-03 virtual machines Undercloud configuration Undercloud installation preparation Undercloud installation Undercloud works Add dns server to undercloud network Undercloud and overcloud image creation Prepare for Overcloud Undercloud can control host livbirt Prepare config files Tell the undercloud about our hosts Inspect single node Bulk inspect Inspection logging Inspection issues on Centos Delete ironic nodes if they are re-created Add flavors Ironic profiles Build Overcloud Overstack templates Deploy overcloud Overcloud creation complete Connecting to new cloud Using Openstack on Overcloud Initial configuration Remote machine access Kick the tires with tempest Create project and user Setup external network Start using new user Create private network Create security groups Create SSH key Create floating IP Gather information for instance creation Create instance Instance is up SSH to instance Destroy instance Heat example Introduction This is a short howto on creating a small Openstack proof of concept on CentOS.

WD Sharespace Debootstrap

Table of Contents Intro Setup Environment Get Compilin Setup armel chroot Build images Copy Images Serial Booting Install system Intro So I have an old Western Digital Sharespace NAS box that I used to use as my main home NAS.

Raspberry Pi Router Benchmark

Introduction My ISP don’t provide IPv6 and the wireless router they give out does not work with IPv6 Tunnels. So I setup a Raspberry Pi as a router on a stick to route IPv6 on my home network to my IPv6 tunnel provider over IPv4.

Essential Films

Here are my essential films. It’s somewhere between my favourite films and a list of films that must been seen. It’s in alphabetical order and I was originally aiming for the 50 mark however there are too many good films so the current count is 83.

Credit Card Exchange Rates

I have a Barclaycard credit card and a Halifax credit card. I recently decided to experiment to try to find out how much it cost to use them abroad to withdraw cash from and ATM.

Petrol Price

Petrol prices always seem to be in the news. This is mostly because it costs a lot of money and continues to increase all the time. Duty increases and VAT increases are both usually blamed.

Cineworld Scrape

I love going to the cinema. I usually go once a week to my local Cineworld multiplex. Their website has changed a few times over the years. Generally the changes have all been improvements and my local cinema listing is good.

Extra IDE

ExraIDE is a patch to the Linux kernel to enable more that the standard 20 ide disk drives in a Linux system, as each IDE controller that is driven by the old style drivers be it PATA or SATA (ie not libata).

GPG Bench Cipher

I benchmarked a few of the gpg ciphers. I created a 1GB file from /dev/urandom with dd. Running “gpg –version” gives a list of available ciphers. I then ran “time cat test | gpg –symmetric –cipher-algo TWOFISH > test.

WD ShareSpace

(Update 01/09/2009 - All of the below is now not necessary as the latest firmware has an option from the web interface to turn on remote root ssh shell access, YAY for Western Digital!

DDS Destruction

To see how hardy dds tapes were, I decided to do some tests. I apologise for the image quality. Anyway, on with the show. Before My main test was to see how strong the cassettes actually are, so I decided to run one over with my car.